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Monday, April 18, 2011

nur shahirah binti khalid

she is my lovely cousin.
she is humurous one.
she is brave one.
we are very close since childhood.
although we have a difference of 2 years of age.
but we always understood each other.
sometimes we are jealous of each other,but it has become a habit.
since primary school we were close.
always together everywhere.
until it is to secondary school.
but when im completed schooling.
we rarely meet and go out together.
I'm busy with my daily routine,and she was busy with her studies.
if I continue to learn at later,we may be hard to meet again.
the new time will remember the time I was happy before.
she looks like have some problems now.
to nur shahirah bt khalid: you should always be strong and courageous okay :)
go baby go. life must go on. try to hidden right grief with your smiling.
take care, i miss you.

Sincerely from your cousin
eyka zulaikha

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