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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i should leave it !

almost two months I worked in banafee enterprise
at first I am working as a general clerk in the village banafee
I worked nearly a half months
and then an old general clerk wants to be continue her career as general clerk at banafee village

so I have been in charge of the account in the restaurant banafee.
I automatically became accountant or accounts clerk at restaurant banafee.

I have a lot of experience gathered
always learn from mistakes
17MARCH2011 I was called to attend an interview for admission to UiTM Faculty of art and design
God willing, I will continue my studies at UiTM Shah Alam
"degree in art and design"
I told some staff here that the end of this month (APRIL) is last I worked in restaurants banafee
they were say. "I did raise my hands if you is not here" haha ​​but i wont to do any kind
banafee restoran should find for a new clerk
despite heavy hearts, but what could I do
I had to continue my studies
i hope business of banafee enterprise may always run smoothly
may god bless banafee enterprise business as well

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