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Thursday, April 28, 2011


haha okay whatever

Among the reasons for allowing us to be like the picture above are: -

1.personal problem
normal is everyone must have their own problems right. possible work-related problems may be in financial trouble. okay do not think it is any problem at all. If the problem is not settle quickly. okay we'll be bored and more bored with that. so we should solve it before our day is fullfill by bored moment.

2.love one problem
who else if not our boyfriend/hubby/buddy/dear/darling and so on haha ​​and very trick trick and trick if there is to say "eh I never fought anyone with my boyfriend" sounds kind of absurd. each bond is not about young or even young, be a problem related to the loved ones will emerge. so avoid these problems if the we does not want boredom strikes.

3.environmental problem
which is also closely linked to the state. such as environmental conditions are forcing us to do something that cause other problems. eg : everyone is more comfortable if anything we do is telling before. because of the fiber makes us forget that what we did was have told or not.
one situation:

rika : You, I wants to open a bank account via the internet. I want to pay the bills. my mother asked me for helping.

riki : Is it too busy?

rika : not so. I was charging my phone right now. I will call you back when i've done okay.

riki : okay

* Pending bills seeking by rika's mother. and rika's mother ask to rika's father for what the id and password for the account. rika open a facebook account for a while. intentions at heart just to see the latest information. but after rika saw that rika's friend status is in the grip of the problem. rika also criticized her. but not for too long because rika's friend did not reply to rika's question and rika continue to close the facebook account.

* After a few hours later. riki find that rika opened an facebook account without riki's knowledge . so,misunderstanding is begin. rika and riki were fighting because the small problem. riki said that riki do not like being cheated. rika also do not intend to cheat. but because the environment was not aware of the following, the problems is occur.

there are the simple problem that brings to "FREAKING BORED"
the conclusion is we should alert to our personal problem. we also should alert to environment and the important things is we should have a good of understanding with our beloved. it is for reduce the problem occur and reduce from a FREAKING BORED!

thank you

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