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Monday, May 31, 2010

weee-witt, happy together, ily B

happy annivesary huby
wish luck fer our relation
hope we will be lasting forever
remember that "im yours and you are mine"
eventhough you are far away with me
its doesnt matter
i will love you till my last breathing
i love you, yes i do
tanx for all b, te amo <3

from your gurlfiee forever and ever
eyka bebee >.<


  1. b sweet agt tou b..lame lah b buat..syg kt b au b.syg kt b jeh!!!!!b jgn main jaoh2 nan i tou b!!i na dkt nan u jeh b.plzzzz

  2. i will my huby :) weee-wittt, ily b <3

  3. hye.do like read blog?follow me bck.


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