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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eyelashes By Katy Perry

Katy Perry already has a hugely successful fragrance to her name and now the singer is set to launch a line of false eyelashes called Katy Perry by Eylure. “I have worn Eylure lashes all the way through my tour and really loved them,” Katy revealed in a statement. “When it came to having a range of my own, I wanted everyone to have a great experience with my lashes. Eylure was really the best choice for me to work with.”

Now, you can safely say, celebrities endorse EVERYTHING!

According to a release, Katy was quite hands-on in the development of the lashes, as well as the packaging, which features a ’40s-style ice cream parlor logo, in keeping with the sweet theme of her California Dreams tour.

so can i get this EYLURE in malaysia ?
okay i dont thinks so :(

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