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Sunday, February 27, 2011

AKHIR nyeeeee

okay this is new craft from me
limited edition kottt HEHE
sebab apabila di request baru lah saye buat
na tahu sape empunya hp case nieh?
yg kt bawah nieh hah :)

okay this is my untie
die lah yg request
bytheway name die MELATI AZMAN
tapi for short name, aku just put atie dkat hp case tuhh
die baru beli hp tau err latest one
comel jehh hp die err that y lahh hp case tuh kecik aje kan
okay die pakai NOKIA X5

dimension hp nieh (74.3 x 66.4 x 16.9 mm)
agak nye muat tak erkk? hehe muat tak muat okay tuh belakang citee
yang pnting da siappp so banyak citee tana kan
okay thank you for the time :)

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  1. syg bile na buat special craft untuk iiii?? :(


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